About Us

ZooVentures is a privately run animal collection in North Auckland. Zoologist and Zookeeper Sally Hibbard facilitates workshops and other interactive experiences and brings a wealth of knowledge, infectious enthusiasm, and a passion for animals.

ZooVentures specialises in educational and inspirational experiences with pets and exotic creatures. We come to you in most parts of Auckland, and beyond through online learning.

How many animals?

It’s hard to give a truly accurate answer! At times there are hundreds of baby fire-bellied newts or countless stick insects which makes it tricky to get the number right. We normally have over 30 species of animals at any one time, and often quite a few of each!

Small pets and exotics are our specialties. There is an exciting collection of reptiles, with stunning geckos, very snakey skinks, super cute tortoises and huge turtles, plus some rather impressive dragon lizards. We also have frogs and other awesome amphibians, fish, rock pool creatures, birds, and even ‘minibeasts'.

Chinchilla squirrels are joined by fellow furry creatures such as dwarf rabbits, exotic breed guinea pigs, rats and lots of mice. The most popular of all the fluffy pets is our Pomeranian pup, always a favourite with clever tricks and lots of cuddles.

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