Frequently Asked Questions:

Please contact us for pricing. Include the type of experience you are interested in, numbers and ages of those attending, address and access details and preferred date.

ZooVentures Parties are most suitable for children 8yrs +, teenagers and even adults.

Preschoolers do love animals, however, we have very small and delicate creatures which combined with the unpredictable nature of young children presents an animal welfare issue.

Keep in mind that this type of party involves being calm and quiet and will not suit everyone.

Animals appeal to all ages. We routinely work with tertiary students and secondary school students. Our parties are a fantastic option for teens and even adults!

ZooVentures offers fun and highly interactive and engaging experiences. We find the concept of a traditional petting zoo outdated concept and one that doesn’t always consider the needs of animals. ZooVentures has a strong commitment to animal welfare and education in all of our experiences.

No farm animals though we do have an awesome variety of small pets and exotic creatures.

We love to share our knowledge and passion for animals. We have an endless number of fun facts about all our animal stars and can answer all your questions. School visits cover a range of curriculum topics through structured classes and we also provide worksheets. Parties can have an emphasis on pet care, reptile keeping, the animal kingdom, or just a bit of everything.

Our animals are all very tame, friendly and well behaved. We emphasise the importance of listening to instructions and remaining calm as it is only if an animal is handled roughly that it may bite. Rabbits and lizards may be a little scratchy from time to time, so children have a cushion on their lap during animal encounters. We provide a high level of supervision throughout and maintain age limits and small group sizes to keep everyone safe.

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